The History of SCT Services

      St. Charles Tower/ SCT Services is pleased to introduce its’ services!! SCT is a young firm whose dedicated professionals have had many years experience in site acquisition, tower development and management.  Our company is owner-managed by two communication and billboard specialists who have over twenty (75) years employment experience in tower consultation at a national construction firm, international telecommunication company, government agency, national wireless carriers, along with direct affiliation with several regional based communication tower and billboard firms.  Our company was formed as a regional consulting firm that offers tower related consulting services to both state and nationally regulated institutions and private corporations. 

     In addition to tower management, we also provide site acquisition and construction services on a variety of real estate related issues.  A considerable portion of our time is dedicated to commercial tower construction, zoning services and tower management.  In addition, our zoning and construction assignments often focus on "special situations" including leased properties involving litigation and/or stealth concealment structures. SCT is currently expanding and involved in a project with Clearwire which will include over 200 new sites in Austin and San Antonio, TX.  It is important to point out that the SCT is concerned with the objectivity of its research and relationships.  Therefore, our company will not become involved with the site acquisition and  investment aspects of the telecommunication industry with the same carrier-client.  We feel this is critical to maintain our professional objectivity and to retain the confidence of our clients.  
                            Experience & Qualifications

     The principals at SCT have considerable experience in the tower development industry and hold many accreditations in this field. Chris Puricelli is a designated MAI with the Appraisal Institute, a State Certified General Real Estate Analyst, licensed Missouri Real Estate Broker and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Valuation Science. Mr. Puricelli has served as an expert witness in the district court system and has attended many courses with numerous real estate and construction organizations since 1990. Formerly an officer of US Bank, he was directly involved in the "Special Asset" Division of the institution and helped coordinate asset redevelopment projects, bank mergers, and conducted real estate seminars for bank system officials. During 1995-2002, Mr. Puricelli conducted zoning relief for telecommunication companies and contracted with St. Charles County during the largest flood relocation program in US history prior to Hurricane Katrina. The territorial boundaries of his work consist of the Midwest and Southwestern states including California, Arizona, Nevada, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.

+ SCT owns and manages approximately 50 telecommunication towers in Missouri, Illinois,Texas, Nevada and Arizona. All of those towers were developed by SCT and not purchased as an asset portfolio.

+ SCT and its owners have a portfolio of over 50 commercial billboards in the states of Missouri and Illinois. As with the communication towers, our portfolio of billboards were all selected and erected in-house by our specialists. 

+ Our firm has provided site acquisition and construction services for national wireless carriers including US Cellular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, Clearwire and Sprint.

+ Our firm erected the first stealth tree communication tower in the State of Missouri. The stealth tree was placed in a very sensitive residential area and required considerable zoning and planning with the local community to achieve this goal. 

+ SCT served as a partner and developer in the office building which serves as our corporate headquarters. This office development utilized the first micro-retention system and “LID” planning in the entire region. Once again, SCT provided the professional planning and deployment ahead of its’ competitors and provided development results to satisfy the end user as well as the surrounding community.

+ Our firm was selected as the site acquisition to assist in the St. Louis riverfront expansion which included consulting with local politicians on the behalf of casino interests. The Community Program Development Corp. engaged us to conduct this assignment during the late 1990’s.

+ Our company consists of over 20 professionals in the telecommunications and real estate industry. The ownership is divided between two partners. SCT (along with its parent company St. Charles Tower, Inc.) recently finished construction of our own headquarters facility in Chesterfield, MO. We have maintained the same owners, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and personal addresses since our inception in 2000. All of the site acquisition agents in our firm are licensed real estate license holders. Our staff is made of “experienced” professionals who offer quality site acquisition, project/construction management and engineering/surveying.

St. Charles Tower’s responsibility is to painstakingly research and evaluate all relevant variables, and then professionally present its findings to its clients that accurately depict a property's true physical, financial and marketable condition, prior to construction. Our job is complete only when the client's needs and understanding are satisfied. 

We hope this information clearly and correctly states an understanding of the work SCT has performed over the last 10 years. We hope to work with your firm in the near future. Please call with any questions or concerns regarding our terms or qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Robert Bell & Chris Puricelli